chelsey reardon

You deserve to love yourself.

You deserve to love your life.

And You have the power to make this happen.

Hi there! Thank you for being here. I’m so happy that you are.

Question (s)….

  • Do you often feel unworthy, incapable, undeserving, or not good enough?

  • Do you feel like your self-esteem and/or confidence is slowing you down?

  • Do you have a hard time loving yourself?

  • Do you feel like your relationship with yourself and your life is taking a toll on your personal relationships, your career, your happiness and fulfillment?

  • Do you feel like the negative self talk in your head is holding you back from stepping into the BIG vision you have for yourself and your life?

  • Do you feel disconnected from your innate wisdom?

  • Are you always asking other people for advice instead of consulting your inner guidance system?

  • Do you feel directionless or aimless? Throwing passions and interests at the wall, hoping they’ll stick, and you’ll finally be able to step into something purposeful?

SAME. I spent years and years there. Feeling all of these things. And it was paralyzing.

So I sought out confident, successful, and loving women. I studied under them. I learned from them. And guess what I found out?

  • Freedom and fulfillment are rooted in clarity and choice (Empowered women get clear on where they are going)

  • Confidence is a learned skill, not an acquired one (Empowered women take bold action in order to learn confidence. WE ALL HAVE THE ABILITY TO BE CONFIDENT)

  • There are practical and accessible techniques that a person can implement to change their beliefs about themselves and the world (Empowered women realize that they are in control of their brain and their thoughts, NOT the other way around, & they ACTUALLY believe in themselves)

  • Loving yourself is a choice (Empowered women continually choose positive conversations about themselves)

  • A commitment to healthy habits is crucial to joy and success (Empowered women commit to healthy habits)

  • Personal intuition is our best guide in this life (Empowered women have a deep connection with their inner wisdom)

  • Boundaries allow us to thrive (Empowered women own their boundaries, they don’t let other people tell them how they’re going to live their lives)

Waboom. So there it is.

But how you do you go from where you are NOW, to implementing all of these things?

Well, I didn’t know. So, I spent three years studying (and implementing into my own life) yoga and mindfulness, the art to sustainable habit change, identifying and reworking negative beliefs, Neuro Linguistic Programming and the affect your inner dialogue has on your life, & The Transformational Coaching Method. All so that I could be here, serving women in an area that has proven to be the biggest challenge of my life to date — believing I was worthy (of ANYTHING).

So here is the truth:

There is an art to living an empowered existence. And anyone can learn.

If I did it, then you can. Promise.


So, does this sound like you?

Are you ready to make a change and start believing you’re worthy of feeling confident, joyful, empowered?

Do you want to start inspiring yourself?

Then let’s do it.

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